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With ThisPlay Group, your next event is sure to be the talk of the town. We use our creativity, technological knowledge, and years of experience to create innovative brand experiences. By weaving together technology and creative thinking to the production process, we make your event turn out even better than you thought possible. Whether you’re planning the next big Exhibition, Corporate Event, or Fundraising Gala, We will make sure every detail is taken care of.

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We are an industry-leading production agency, technologically focused, with thousands of successful productions under our belt from around the world since 2009. We are one of very few production agencies in the world, that every part of its projects relies on NeuroMarketing principles. From strategy to ideation, concept, design architecture, development, program & technology implementation and operation. A full-service agency.


We CREATE an absolute user experience at:

Events | Conferences | Sales Kickoffs | Booths And Stands | Experimental And Experiential Marketing | Content Development | Presentations And Hybrid Campaigns | Digital Campaigns | Virtual Events | Hybrid Events | Virtual Exhibitions



Anything is Possible when everything is considered! Our team brings your vision to life, turning concepts into reality with precision and attention to detail.



In-Person our virtual, we will create and build a technological and creative concept to help you tell your brand story and track attendees to deliver results.



Our highly-intuitive, easy-to-use platform allows you to create, manage, and control virtual event planning, promotion, and participant engagement. An end-to-end solution, with all the added-value of an actual event.



We’re always looking for new ways to create engagement between your brand and your audiences.

There is no doubt that the world is beginning to understand that it is impossible to ignore the size of the number of events, conferences and exhibitions that take place all over China. This huge country, which over time becomes much more than Ali Express and TikTok, holds within it a tremendous potential for international companies for the provision of services, R&D and for customers of all kinds. Beijing and Shanghai are only the tip of the iceberg and we at the ThisPlay Group understand the need for content services and project management in China while having a deep understanding of Chinese culture and developing communication skills together with customers and suppliers. That’s why we were chosen to lead a massive digital – interactive content development to the Chinese market by the largest communications company in the country, which will be distributed in 6,000 branches across China. Never-ending potential, did we already say that?!

China / Hong Kong

Orlando and Miami are among most popular destinations in the U.S and also couple of our favorite places to hold events. Its moderate weather and variety of touristic excursions make it a place of fun and unique entertainment. With all the amusement parks surrounding Orlando and the world-class beaches of Miami, it’s no wonder why people calling Florida as “U.S.A’s play ground”. It’s popularity is the main reason for the wide selection of top notch hotel chains that are located in it. Equipped with beautiful convention halls and high- end technical gear, holding an event or convention in Orlando or Miami will ensure it will be a huge success in this location.
We had many projects in Orlando as well as in Miami, and we always love to come back!

Orlando / Miami, Florida

Bali is a destination that that we just opened recently, offers unique experiences for event attendees with its breathtaking natural landscapes, vibrant culture, and renowned hospitality. Its stunning beaches, tropical forests, and volcanic mountains make it an ideal location for events that seek to combine business with pleasure. Bali’s cultural heritage, with its rich art, music, and dance traditions, provides an immersive experience for attendees. Whether it’s for a corporate retreat, international conference, or product launch, Bali’s combination of natural beauty, cultural richness, and modern amenities make it an excellent choice for any event.


Israel, like several other countries in the world, is one of the bases of ThisPlay Group’s activity. Here is located the beating heart of the group – our global headquarters, and most of the global arms of the group such as the creative division, the content division, and the global production management division supervising on our activities all over the world. Here we manage 50% of the group’s activities – hundreds of local and international projects since 2009, managing projects of several hundred and up to 25,000 participants in conferences, events and exhibitions of all kinds and all target audiences. After all, there’s no place like home.


What hasn’t been said about New York City? Honestly, there are only a few people who can surprise us with places where we haven’t visited or hosted there part of our events, conferences and exhibitions yet. From galleries that we are designing for exclusive, intimate, and meticulous events with quality cuisine served by the best local and international chefs, through events in the craziest places where you can host thousands of participants. In NYC we can be your door openers to every spot and make your dreams come true. Light up the entire Times Square and paint it with your brand colors and your logo, hold huge events in Madison Square Garden and also hold events in world-class museums. There is no limit to imagination in NYC.

New York, NY

We always like to challenge ourselves a little more, but Dallas is one of the challenges we liked to crack the most. Here our challenge was to host 500 guests from all over the world who had already seen everything, and been almost everywhere and experienced every possible experience, and still create an unforgettable experience for them. Like we’ve always dream, this time we had to DREAM BIG, because BIG is the trademark of Dallas, and if it’s already there, why don’t we use it?!

We created the concept of DREAM BIG, and we went for the biggest hotel, the biggest stage, the biggest video-mapping opening act. The opening event set at the biggest farm in Dallas and the craziest gala event located in the biggest stadium in the US and one of the biggest in the world – the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium. Eventually, even the locals who thought we were crazy, realized we were UNSTOPPABLE.

Dallas, TX

No one will believe us if we tell the great stories we have about behind the scenes of our Vegas projects. The city that doesn’t stop, the city that doesn’t fall asleep, the city that nothing is too big for it, the city that won’t let you rest but will make sure to keep you alert at any given moment, because otherwise you might miss something. We think the term FOMO was coined about this city, and that’s how we love it.

In Vegas, we are members of a house after dozens of exhibitions in which we produced booths in, an unbelievable number of conferences on the Strip and off Strip of all sizes, in all colors. Events and parties with international artists and DJs integrated into fantastic concepts, that already the morning after we couldn’t believe they happened.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But we also stayed to tell.

Las Vegas, NV

Australia is a destination that offers a wealth of experiences for event attendees with its diverse geography, and world-class infrastructure. Its stunning beaches, vast deserts, and ancient rainforests make it an ideal location for events that seek to combine business with adventure. Australia’s rich cultural heritage, with its Indigenous art, music, and history, provides an enriching experience for attendees. Additionally, Australia’s modern cities, world-class convention centers, and top-quality accommodation options ensure that events and conferences are organized with ease. Whether it’s for a corporate event, international conference, or product launch, Australia’s combination of natural beauty, cultural richness, and modern amenities make it an excellent choice for any event.


South Korea is a premier destination for hosting events that offer unparalleled opportunities for business, culture, and leisure. With its cutting-edge technology and innovative industries, South Korea provides a dynamic platform for exploring new markets and forming strategic partnerships. Additionally, South Korea’s rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural landscapes provide the perfect setting for showcasing local traditions and promoting tourism. Whether you’re planning a business conference, academic symposium, or cultural festival, South Korea’s will be a great solution with and excellent transportation infrastructure that make it an ideal location for a successful event.

South Korea

In Japan, we always experienced timeless beauty side by side with dynamic breakthroughs in technology, culture and quality of life. Meticulous attention to detail combines with exquisite craft tradition to create cutting-edge solutions. This unique fusion will spark inspiration and ideas among your participants. Our guests can enjoy a stunning range of landscapes and ecosystems, as well as historic cities and towns. Surprisingly short journeys can take your group to diverse destinations with venues offering unique meeting and event experiences. Whether it’s a party at a famous shrine, team-building through karate on a sub-tropical beach in Okinawa or ice-walking in Hokkaido, even those familiar with Japan will always be discovering something new and amazing.


The pearl of Asia. This tiny country that takes less time to cross than crossing a street in Los Angeles is a walking wonder. Within such a small area, a real miracle takes place where all our dreams fit into one small and compact box. Amazing hotels in the heart of stunning architecture, markets, convention centers, large exhibitions, and trips to places that trust us – only Singaporeans can create. Here we have created a large number of Events and exhibitions and the experience of producing in Singapore is amazing. Try us.


After we told you that Israel is our global headquarters, so now sit back and hold tight because Thailand is our second home. Starting with our first project in Thailand in 2009 and until today, we have created a huge number of projects in Thailand everywhere possible – in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin and more.

In fact, the second office we opened in the world after Israel was in Bangkok, because we believe that Thailand is not only a perfect destination for events, conferences, and exhibitions, but also our gateway for all the projects we are managing in Asia. This is where our subsidiary company named ThisPlay Sparrow is located, which is a company specializing in project management and production throughout Asia – from India to Australia.

Besides our productions in Thailand, here ThisPlay Group also develops tourism real estate in the Thai islands and creates a solid foundation for the expansion of the group’s activities in Asia, and the creation of new growth engines on a regular basis.


The place where the dream meets the reality. The amazing connection between three destinations that complete each other, with each bringing its own tremendous garage value, creates an experience that cannot be achieved anywhere else in the world. When Dubai brings the clubs, music, and cuisine, with the iconic skyline in the background. Abu Dhabi brings authenticity and the massive amusement parks that pop up one after the other, Ras Al Khaimah brings the ultimate desert experience and all 3 destinations within short driving distances from each other.

Here, in recent years, we have worked diligently to build relationships with suppliers and have carried out a large number of projects. The largest of which is 2,000 participants in Abu Dhabi, and events of various sizes in Dubai.


There is no doubt that the first time we went for a site visit in Moscow to prepare for  a project there, we arrived very, very skeptical. But very quickly we realized that we were in a place that we did not think for a moment that it was like that. The clubs at night, the busy streets, the happy culture, the longing for success in sports connected us to it very quickly and that’s how we set off with our first two projects, each of which hosted about 50,000 people, with international football tournaments that hosted major soccer teams from all over Europe, guests from all over the world and international A-list artists who had performed at the parties and the huge concerts we produced there.

We are already waiting for the next project which will probably be bigger and even more surprising.


Islands with perfect beaches in the summer, snowy mountains in the winter, the most delicious food in the world, experiences from 2,000 years ago that connect the most contemporary world. There is no doubt that Greece is one of the most diverse countries you will find in order to hold your next event there, at any time of the year you choose.

it will always be surprising, happy, delicious, and will exercise every muscle in your body and that of your employees or customers until they go to bed tired but very, very satisfied.


South Africa is part of the future of ThisPlay Group. These days we are working on setting up our offices in Cape Town where we intend to direct all our efforts to develop the field of events, conferences and exhibitions in South Africa and the African region in general.

We recognize a tremendous movement of hi-tech companies to this area, the establishment of R&D centers and an increasing movement of events, conferences, and exhibitions to this area.  Our goal is to be there and support you through a tremendous network of contacts that we have developed over the past few years that may help you deliver a powerful brand experience, meet, and bring together your target audience.

South Africa

Germany is the perfect destination that brings with it an amazing connection between progress, technology, high hosting capabilities, modern art and unique motor museums and between the Eastern European world, with amazing buildings from another era that can be converted into the craziest event spaces you’ve ever known.

Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt are some of the destinations where we are active regularly, all year round, every year.


An unforgettable night at the Natural History Museum, a performance by Robin Williams, a Premier League football game VIP zone dedicated to your guests, a cruise on the Thames, hospitality at Michelin restaurants or the Rocky Horror Show closed exclusively to your company’s event. They are just some of the things we did in addition to the amazing exhibitions we produced there.

London is a huge playground that can provide any employee or customer with an unforgettable experience.


Of all the major cities in the world, Spain has become over the years a center for events, conferences, and exhibitions where ThisPlay Group is active closely. The MWC exhibition where we produced a huge number of small and large booths up to a 1,200 square meters booths, events and conferences in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Malaga. Incentive trips, and corporate events in Palma de Mallorca, Costa Brava, and parties in Ibiza and more. Spain combines the sea, the cuisine and the joyful Spanish experience and contains conference centers and hotels which can accommodate the biggest events in Europe easily.


Imagine turquoise beaches, high quality all-inclusive style hotels. Music, tequila, and mojitos. Now imagine your customers or employees flowing into the event and slowly sinking into the time when you are having fun, eating, drinking, dancing and most of all – doing business.

If there is a place to do it, there is no doubt that Mexico is one of the best places in the world for it.

Tulum, Playa del Carmen and especially Cancun are the three places in Mexico where we have tremendous experience for events and conferences of all sizes. With good accessibility from all over the world, we can take you and your customers or employees to an unforgettable experience.


Just fall in love with this place with the perfect beaches, the amazing weather all year round, the quality resorts, the golf courses and so much more. San Diego is a clean and endless canvas for events and conferences in one of the most charming places you will ever meet.

And that’s exactly why we chose to hold 2 back-2-back conferences there for 600 guests from all over the world and immediately afterwards for 300 guests from all over the USA where we had a powerful and extraordinary experience together. We connected the concept to the world of space and our special opening performance started with 3 minutes of guided imagination with Blindfolded and a combination of multimedia, technologies and illustrating simulating a launching into space, then a galaxy cruise with a 270-degree screen around the audience within the special concept of One Galaxy. One World.

If you are asking, then we also reached the moon in this special event.

San Diego, CA

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